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New Partner Applications to Accelerate Your SOC’s Security Transformation

Every security operations center (SOC) is different and has unique traits; however, most share similar challenges. Each SOC has its own set of security tools, some use internal or external expertise, and each SecOps team must balance different resources to protect their environment from a plethora of diverse adversaries. Across organizations and industries, we see security teams struggle with managing their security stacks due to complexity and lack of efficacy. A recent Vanson Bourne study found that 71% of IT security professionals believe that integration  with other technology and security stacks can be complex and requires improvement. And with the abrupt push to digital during the global pandemic, SOCs have had to adapt their security and accelerate their security transformation to keep up with modern attackers.

CrowdStrike recently announced new applications delivered through the CrowdStrike Store that extend the CrowdStrike Security Cloud to provide security information and event management (SIEM); security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR); network detection and response (NDR); and threat intelligence capabilities to accelerate your security transformation by minimizing complexity, providing interoperability and ensuring full security coverage.

With Rapid7’s InsightIDR for SIEM, Siemplify’s Security Operations Platform for SOAR, ExtraHop’s Reveal(x) 360 for NDR and VirusTotal’s context-enriched threat intelligence leveraging the Falcon platform’s rich telemetry, SOCs now have easy access to efficient, effective tools that can supercharge their security transformation and outsmart adversaries. Customers can seamlessly implement these integrations to optimize their existing CrowdStrike investments, gain value faster with more efficacy, and unify their overall security stack — all while increasing business productivity.

Power Up Your SOC With SIEM and EDR

With constantly accelerating change, including monitoring remote teams and sprawling attack surfaces, SOC teams must remain agile by using modern tools for modern environments. Rapid7’s leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) SIEM, InsightIDR, leverages the enriched telemetry of CrowdStrike Falcon Insight™ endpoint detection and response (EDR) to unite endpoint data and detections alongside user, network, cloud and other critical security alerts for a comprehensive view of your environment. By seamlessly combining modern, cloud-based, SIEM and EDR leveraging the lightweight CrowdStrike Falcon® sensor and rich telemetry, you can boost your time-to-value, get a complete picture of all of your critical security data in one place, and respond faster — empowering your team with modern, unified tools to simplify your SOC’s security stack.

Cut Down Repetition With Automated Response

In addition to the growing threat landscape, alert overload and burnout are far too common for SecOps analysts, preventing a proactive approach to security transformation. To cut down on repetitive tasks and free up analysts’ time, Siemplify has developed an app integration with CrowdStrike to provide teams with easy-to-use workflow capabilities leveraging the CrowdStrike Security Cloud. The Siemplify Security Operations Platform uses CrowdStrike telemetry to deliver context-driven case management, investigation and machine learning to catalyze your team and improve SOC performance. By speeding up your team with executable playbooks, interoperable tools and powerful endpoint telemetry, you can boost analyst efficiency to focus on modernizing your security stack.

Bolster Security Coverage With Network and Endpoint 

ExtraHop’s NDR solution leverages threat intelligence telemetry from Falcon to enrich and contextualize its AI-based behavioral detections with known indicators of compromise (IOCs), enhancing the accuracy of real-time threat alerts and further accelerating investigation and response across hybrid and multicloud environments. The ExtraHop Reveal(x) 360 app fuses cloud-native network intelligence, NDR, next-generation intrusion detection (NG-IDS) and network forensics with rich CrowdStrike Falcon X™ threat intelligence. ExtraHop and CrowdStrike are tightly integrated and share powerful threat intelligence feeds of indicators of compromise (IOCs) hidden in your enterprise to form the foundation for evolving security operations against both common and advanced threats. Outsmart modern adversaries and supercharge your security with unified, comprehensive tools that can automatically contain both network- and endpoint-based attacks, before damage is done. Learn more about the partnership between ExtraHop and Crowdstrike at

Equip Your Team to Defend Against Modern Threats

These SOC essentials leverage CrowdStrike’s extensive telemetry to provide you with unified security tools that power up your security transformation and thwart advanced attackers. To empower your team further, you can gain context-rich threat intelligence data that enhances

the information from CrowdStrike’s Detections from Google’s VirusTotal. The interlinked crowdsourced malware corpus is highlighted directly within the Falcon console as it enriches detections to improve your threat context. Correlate and triage alerts faster with relevant contextual threat information for any suspicious indicator to expedite your incident response, meet the 1-10-60 challenge and simplify your stack with layered defense.

By building a modern stack with an integrated ecosystem consisting of trusted partners sharing an aggregated pool of data, it is possible to alleviate the strain on your IT teams and remain secure while planning, implementing and migrating to modern cloud-native applications and maintaining hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Unified tools and simplified integrations that leverage powerful data will help you beat modern adversaries, and keep your business running and secure, wherever your employees are.

Want to learn more about how to modernize your stack with the CrowdStrike Store’s newest SIEM, SOAR and NDR partners? Request a free trial in the CrowdStrike Store

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