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eBook: The CrowdStrike Security Cloud

Transforming Security for Today’s Modern Cloud Business

Upheaval is arguably one of the best words there is to describe the effects of recent events on enterprises in 2020. As quarantine restrictions forced workers remote, it accelerated the growth of both telecommuting and cloud service adoption. The result was a new proving point for the power of cloud computing and the criticality of securing and supporting both cloud applications and a remote workforce.

Gartner has already predicted that end-user spending on cloud services will grow more than 18% globally in 2021 . As enterprises shift more of their resources and attention to the cloud, having a cloud-native security platform that can properly secure cloud-native architectures and empower the development practices of DevOps culture is crucial.

As a cybersecurity company that has built one of the biggest cloud architectures in the world, CrowdStrike has gained an exceptional vantage point and garnered unique experience on what it takes to secure cloud workloads and containers. The CrowdStrike Security Cloud processes over 5 trillion events per week, 140+ million indicator of attack (IOA) decisions made every second —and that only represents the streaming data. In addition, CrowdStrike stores 15+ petabytes of data in the cloud, protects 1+ billion containers every day, and stops over 75,000 breaches annually. All that data is combined with a diverse set of security solutions designed to shrink the attack surface for enterprises and obtain visibility into the events taking place across the environment.

As both a cloud customer and a security company, CrowdStrike has a deep understanding of the complexities and risks of protecting corporate data and the cloud infrastructure that holds it. Embracing the cloud is critical to digital transformation initiatives, but for them to be successful, security must transform alongside the business. Quite simply, it is time for enterprises to rethink security to keep pace with an evolving landscape of risks.

Highlights Include How To:

  • Protect your environment from host to cloud and everywhere in between
  • Enable runtime protection and obtain real-time visibility
  • Eliminate human error and misconfigurations
  • Prevent cloud breaches, eliminate security blind spots and improve investigation speed by up to 88%
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