Web app security solutions

Ensure web app security, from development to deployment and beyond.

Hackers bombard web apps because they’re often vulnerable and expose data. Your job: stop them. 

Your company has “appified” operations, so you must protect many web apps linked to data-rich systems, as hackers pounce, looking for bugs to exploit. Qualys can help you secure their entire lifecycle. 

  • 2-second visibility

Gives you full clarity into your data center assets, identifies their vulnerabilities, prioritizes remediation and assesses IT compliance

  • Continuous, comprehensive protection

Continuously monitors your environment, and flags traffic anomalies and compromise indicators

  • Accurate, actionable intelligence

Features a powerful data analysis, correlation and reporting engine

  • Lower and more predictable TCO

No capital expenditures, extra human resources or infrastructure or software to deploy and manage

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Qualys Cloud Platform has all the apps you need to secure your web apps

Obtain 2-second visibility

Web apps are being aggressively deployed by organizations, and adopted - often without authorization - by employees. You’ll need a continuously updated web app inventory. Qualys discovers and catalogs all your web apps (approved or unapproved) wherever they are - on premises, cloud, mobile, IoT systems - and lets you tag them with custom labels.

Detect vulnerabilities

Qualys continuously monitors all of your web apps for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, with deep, authenticated scans -including of SOAP and REST-based APIs - and smart progressive scanning. Qualys scales from a handful to thousands of apps, and helps prioritize remediation by identifying critical risks. You can visualize scan results via custom reports and interactive dashboards.

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