Cloud infrastructure security solutions

Qualys makes sure your cloud instances and VMs are secure and compliant. 

Your company is aggressively moving workloads to public clouds. It’s your job to protect them. 

Applications and data on your premises have been moved to Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud. You’re responsible for making sure those public cloud workloads are secure and compliant. Qualys can help. 

  • “Shared responsibility” support 

Helps you protect your cloud workloads and fulfill your part of cloud providers’ “shared responsibility” model

  • Comprehensive data collection

Collects all security and compliance data thanks to versatile toolset, including virtual scanner appliances, lightweight cloud agents and Internet scanners

  • Major cloud platform coverage

Simplifies protection with existing agreements and integrations for main public cloud platform providers, including Amazon, Microsoft, and Google

  • 2-second visibility

Provides full cloud asset visibility, with details on how each instance is being secured and what workloads are running on them

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Qualys has everything you need to secure your VMs and public cloud. 

View cloud assets and manage their vulnerabilities

Maintaining full visibility and security control of your public cloud workloads is challenging. VMs are spun on and off quickly and frequently. Qualys identifies and classifies these instances, captures their component details, gives you 2-second visibility into them and monitors their vulnerabilities.

Prioritize remediation

With thousands of vulnerabilities disclosed annually, you can’t patch all present in your data center. You must pinpoint critical ones requiring immediate attention. Qualys automates this intensive data analysis process. By continuously correlating real-time threat information against your vulnerabilities and IT asset inventory, Qualys gives you a full view of your threat landscape.

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