Endpoint security solutions

Continuously discover and monitor IT assets on your network.

So many endpoint devices, so many threats. You’ve got your hands full. Qualys can help. 

You must protect all networked endpoints – PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, IoT devices. It can feel like herding cats. The growing universe of devices presents myriad security challenges. Enter the Qualys Cloud Platform. 

  • 2-second visibility

Gives you complete visibility into all your endpoints, their hardware specs, installed software, locations, users, vulnerabilities, and configurations

  • Continuous discovery and monitoring

With lightweight agents and active scanners, keeps the endpoint inventory updated around the clock, including detection of unapproved devices

  • Remediation prioritization

Correlates threat information against your vulnerabilities, pinpointing endpoints’ most critical bugs so you can eliminate the biggest risks right away

  • Control configuration

Monitors endpoints’ configurations and flags unapproved, suspicious changes, so you can enforce internal policies and ensure regulatory IT compliance

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Qualys has everything you need to discover, track, and manage IT assets

Obtain 2-second visibility

For strong endpoint security, you need a complete and continuously updated inventory of these devices, such as PCs, laptops, IoT wares, and peripherals. Qualys discovers and catalogs all your endpoint devices and captures their details - including software, vulnerabilities, patches, and hardware specs. It surfaces the asset information via custom dashboards, automated reports, and search queries.

Find and address vulnerabilities

Most breaches exploit known bugs. Removing these attack vectors from your endpoint devices thwarts hackers. Using both active scanning and agent-based monitoring, Qualys flags endpoints’ vulnerabilities with Six Sigma (99.99966%) accuracy. You can easily assign remediation tickets, manage exceptions, list patches, and generate different role-based reports. With Qualys, you can also address security-related configuration issues, a major source of recent breaches. Qualys automates configuration assessment of endpoint devices through out-of-the-box certified policies from the Center for Internet Security (CIS), and simplified workflows for scanning and reporting.

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