Compliance solutions

Qualys automates compliance and risk management in the cloud.

Ensuring your company complies with internal IT policies and with external regulations gets harder every day. 

The global regulatory landscape isn’t getting any friendlier, and IT industry best practices are getting more stringent all the time. Making sure your organization complies with these rules is a tough job. Luckily, Qualys can help. 

  • 2-second visibility

Gives you complete visibility of your IT assets’ compliance status on premises, in cloud instances, and endpoints

  • Broad data availability

Makes compliance data available via ad hoc search queries, customized dashboards and reports for different constituents: CxOs, auditors, risk managers

  • Vendor risk management

Streamlines and automates your risk management process for vendors, contractors, partners, and other third parties with access to your systems and data

  • Tuned for specific mandates

Offers native templates and custom controls tailored for particular regulations and industry standards, simplifying your compliance process

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