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5 IGA Features That Every SMB Needs

How to choose a modern identity governance solution that’s quick to deploy, easy to manage, and delivers rapid time to value

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) might seem like small fish for cyber attackers, but they account for 43% of incidents annually. Bad actors are betting that fewer resources mean a better chance at infiltration and, in fact, over half the attacks on SMBs last year were successful. Despite smaller pockets, the average payout for businesses with fewer than 500 employees reached $2.98 million in 2021.

For mid-sized organizations like yours, identity protection is paramount—but so is price. Whether you’re upgrading your current identity security program or implementing your first, you’re likely running into some common barriers to modernization. It can be challenging to assess how well a solution aligns with your organization’s needs and which one can deliver the highest ROI with the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Be sure to check the previous blog in this series: the 4 key questions to ask before you invest.

Any new tool you choose will significantly impact users, so the right Identity governance and administration (IGA) platform needs to deliver a top-level experience from day one. In this blog, we’ll spell out the key features small and mid-sized organizations need in a modern IGA to speed implementation, streamline management, and keep complexity and costs down.

Choosing the Best IGA for You

Smaller organizations have historically shied away from implementing legacy IGA solutions because of their perceived complexity, reliance on customization, and need for an on-premises footprint. And rightly so: adding yet another point solution that complicates daily program management (without reducing or eliminating manual processes) should be avoided at all costs.

Thankfully, SaaS-based solutions have leveled the playing field, prioritizing ease of use and configurability over customization. SaaS IGA solutions can consolidate multiple identity security capabilities onto unified platforms—converged identity platforms (CIPs)—that further simplify identity management and shore up security.

When considering the right CIP for your needs, there’s only one True North: “How will this impact our team’s workload and support capabilities?”

Let’s look closer at the 5 IGA features best suited to meet the unique needs of SMBs—today and in the future.

1. Deep application integration with a no/low code design 

For starters, look for pre-built templates and out-of-the-box (OOB) connectors that integrate with hundreds of leading applications. A drag-and-drop design clears away complexity and allows for configuration without extensive coding. This lowers the time needed to onboard applications and identities, eliminates the need for outside professional services or staff, and reduces the overall TCO.

2. Automated monitoring and access reviews 

To move your company one step closer to zero standing privilege, look for a solution that delivers granular access policies that align with the business roles of your users, only granting the minimum access required. If a user attempts to access systems or data they don’t typically need to perform their job—or if they leave the company or change roles, the right IGA solution should automatically review and revoke access. This oversight protects your sensitive data from breaches, and your IT staff from burnout.

3. Centralized identity warehouse with machine learning

What types of access (and for how long) should humans or machines be granted? With artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML), modern identity solutions can alleviate administrative pressures by identifying security risks and potential breaches and recommending remediation throughout the identity lifecycles.

4. Continuous compliance capabilities

To comply with various regulations and standards, such as GDPRHIPAA, and PCI DSS, companies need strict access controls and audit trails. Look for an IGA that delivers automated compliance checks and regulatory reporting that ensure only authorized individuals have access to sensitive data—and that all access requests and changes are tracked.

5. Enterprise functionality with a light deployment

To avoid excessive costs for bells and whistles you may never need, single-cloud SMBs may want to consider IGA solutions with enterprise-grade features that can be deployed lightly—allowing you to only pay for the capabilities you’ll actually use.

While there are more and more  “light” IGA solutions on the market, buyer beware: many are just another point solution that your admins will have to spend more time managing. Be forward-thinking: weigh your future needs alongside your current checklist, and look for a solution that can grow and adapt as you do.

How Saviynt Maximizes ROI For Mid-Sized Organizations 

Saviynt Enterprise Identity Cloud pioneered the CIP approach to identity, merging multiple IAM capabilities into one versatile, cloud-based identity warehouse.

With Saviynt IGA, SMBs can:

  • Store and manage all identities in one place and gain a simplified, 360-degree view of data access.
  • Quickly manage and deploy IGA policies and workflows with OOB integrations for hundreds of apps.
  • Leverage AI/ML capabilities to eliminate manual provisioning and automatically detect, review, and revoke risky access—reducing onboarding times by as much as 70%.
  • Enforce least privilege with Role-based Access Controls (RBAC).
  • Streamline compliance efforts with pre-configured controls and workflows specific to key regulations.
  • Maximize your existing investments with a bring-your-own tech approach.
  • Reduce your financial outlay and time to value with a light deployment. As your organization builds to an enterprise, add capabilities like Cloud Privileged Access Management (CPAM), Third-Party Access Governance (TPAG), and Application Access Governance (AAG) without having to rip and replace infrastructure or add more point technologies.
  • Achieve payback in less than three months, with a potential 240% ROI over three years.

Modern IGA isn’t just for large organizations. Find out why Gartner® Peer Insights™ recognized us as a Customers’ Choice For IGA, and why ForresterKuppingerCole, and mid-sized organizations just like yours recognize Saviynt as a leader.

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